Princes Pier is a Constant Reminder of Port Melbourne’s Rich Heritage

Image by raedon from Pixabay

Australia’s historical piers are part of the travel itinerary of every tourist who enjoys relaxing walks by the beach with beautiful views. Most of them look pretty much the same and offer a similar experience, but there’s something that makes Princes Pier quite unique.

This is one of the main attractions of Port Melbourne, located on the shores of the horsehead-shaped Port Phillip Bay. You can reach it in approximately 30 minutes by bus from downtown Melbourne, and it’s open to visitors between 6am–10pm.

What makes Princes Pier so unique are the remains of the original wooden pillars that transformed this pier into one of Melbourne’s most photographed spots. They once formed a historical pier that was constructed between 1912 and 1915, before closing its doors due to poor timber condition and the fires that followed after the ‘90s.

Princes Pier opened its doors in 2011, after a full restoration, but the wooden pillars remained. The preservation of these piles transformed the pier into an important heritage centerpiece, which stands as a constant reminder of an important period in Melbourne’s history.