Food and Travel Blogger Kavey Eats Will Inspire Your Next Meal

Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

For the last 25 years, London-based food and travel blogger Kavita Favelle has been traveling in the UK and around the world and sharing her experiences online. Her blog Kavey Eats has a rich variety of content—ranging from home cooking, restaurant dining, travel blogging, and reviews of cookery books, classes, and products.

“We love independent travel focused on culture and food,” shared Favelle in an interview with Travel Awaits. “That’s echoed in my blog content, where I publish detail-rich articles with a strong focus on seeking out the best life experiences. I love to write about culture, cuisine and history as well as what to see, what to do, and where to stay.”

Alongside her husband Pete, Favelle has visited many places: Argentina, Botswana, Canada, Croatia, Ecuador, Estonia, the Falkland Islands, France, Iceland, India, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Namibia, Peru, Taiwan, and even two magical journeys to Antarctica.

“I’ve been traveling for almost half a century,” she relayed. “My first trip was when I was just a few months old, and I grew up in a travel-loving family. Learning to love travel was as much a part of how my parents raised me as as much as learning to walk, read and write!”

Her Instagram page and blog are filled with photos of restaurants and eateries around the world, providing her readers with some well-needed recommendations on where to dine and what to eat. Follow her social media pages for more.