Qui Nhơn, Vietnam is Worth a Visit for More Reasons Than One

Qui Nhơn, Vietnam
Photo by Tuan Nguyen on Unsplash

Most people want to explore Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi when visiting Vietnam, but these are not the only amazing cities that this country has in store. Located on the shores of the South China Sea, Qui Nhơn is one of Vietnam’s most charming cities that you probably never heard of, but here’s why you should put it on your bucket list.

Sun-Kissed Beaches

Qui Nhơn is one of Vietnam’s most amazing coastal cities, so it goes without saying its beaches are top of the line. The choice is pretty much endless since this city offers a 42-kilometer long coastline, but Ky Co Beach and Queen’s Beach are amongst the most popular.

Photo by Lewis on Unsplash

Delicious Seafood

Thanks to its seafront location, Qui Nhơn offers an abundance of seafood resources and it’s a safe haven for seafood lovers. If you’re in the mood to try some traditional pescetarian dishes while in Vietnam, don’t miss out on shrimp spring rolls and jumping-shrimps fried pancakes.

Historic Temples

Most major cities in Vietnam are home to beautiful ancient temples, and Qui Nhơn is no exception. Banh It Cham Temple and Ong Nui Temple are two of the most visited temples in the city’s proximity, known for their rich history and amazing sea and mountain views.