Explore Santiago de Chile’s Soccer Heritage

Estadio Nacional, Chile
Estadio Nacional, Chile. Photo by Benjamín Gremler on Unsplash

Few places in the world are as crazy for soccer as the Chilean capital of Santiago. A country that has produced a number of legendary players and that features some of the most beloved clubs in South America, the capital has the most attractive settings for any soccer fan that you’ll find. Anyone who loves the beautiful game owes it to him or herself to visit these three Santiago stadiums!

Estado Nacional

Located in the busy Ñuñoa district of the city is the Estadio Nacional, which holds nearly 50,000 people and is the official home of Chile’s beloved national soccer team. This stadium, which hosted the 1962 FIFA World Cup final, is absolutely electric on Chile’s home match days.

Estadio Monumental

Colo-Colo is Chile’s most successful club, having won 32 titles and a Copa Libertadores. It plays at the Estadio Monumental in the neighborhood of Macul. Opened in 1975, between the passionate white and black-clad fans and the imposing Andes Mountains in the background, this is a challenging place to play for opponents!

Estadio Santa Laura

Spanish immigrants founded the Union Espanola club in 1922 after merging three other clubs founded by people who hailed from Spain. They continue to have a large backing today and play in front of a packed stadium of nearly 20,000 people at this stadium during the season.