Reasons To Visit Crater Lake National Park In Oregon

Image by Don White from Pixabay

Established back in 1902, Crater Lake National Park is the fifth-oldest park in the United States and the only park in the state of Oregon. Known by its countless numbers of hike trails and wildlife, the Crater Lake park is the home of the deepest lake in the USA. This lake was created by the collapse of Mount Mazama 7,700 years ago, which left behind a huge crater that was filled with water, now known as Crater Lake. 

Mount Scott 

This mountain was created by the lava that came from Mazama’s magma chamber. It’s named for the Oregon pioneer Levi Scott, and it’s the highest point in the National Park at 2,723 meters!

Crater Lake 

The deepest lake in the US and the 9th deepest in the world is located 90 miles outside Klamath Falls, northeast of the city of Medford. The lake features 2 small islands, Wizard Island and Phantom Ship. The lake surrounds the park and offers many recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and cross-country skiing. 

The Pacific Crest Trail 

This is a natural trail that stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, and it’s over 3,000 miles long! The Pacific Crest Trail passes though the Crater Lake National Park and is one of the many hiking trails located in the park and around the lake but certainly one of the most exciting in the US!