Reasons to Visit Kazakhstan

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Photo by J B on Unsplash

Located in central Asia, Kazakhstan, a former Soviet country, is bordered by China and Russia. It’s a diverse country with so much to offer travelers, and yet so many people can’t get past their association of it with the film Borat. But if you’re willing to open your mind, here are just some of the beautiful things you’ll find there.

It’s Not Touristy

With tourism only becoming more and more common, one consideration that is increasingly important when choosing where to travel is how packed the place will be. Kazakhstan is a bit of a hidden gem, meaning that you don’t have to avoid giant crowds everywhere you go. It’s a great place if you appreciate peace and quiet.

The Landscape

Kazakhstan is full of natural beauty, with much more to the landscape than just deserts. There are plenty of stunning lakes, canyons, mountains, and steppes to see, and it’s all unspoiled by the effects of overpopulation and over-tourism.

It’s an Adventure

If you get easily bored and like to fill your travels with lots of adventure, you should definitely consider visiting Kazakhstan. You can climb mountains, swim in lakes, go on road trips, ski in the mountains, and explore mosques and mausoleums.