Reasons Why You Should Move To Uruguay

Photo: Enfoco22/Pixabay

Uruguay, located between Argentina and Brazil, is the second smallest country in South America. It is ranked first in democracy, peace and low perception of corruption in this part of the world, and it would be the perfect place to begin a new life. These are just some of the benefits of living in this country.


Uruguay is a heaven on Earth for English teachers or native speakers in general. There are many English language schools that are looking for teachers. The salary isn’t enormous, but it will be enough to have a decent life in Montevideo, the capital city.

Health Care

Health care in Uruguay is effective and affordable. It has various institutions available to its residents and a variety of health care options, from private health insurance and public health care system which is free for everyone.


Not only the healthcare is free in this South American country, but the education is as well. The government invests huge amount of money into it.

Warm and Welcoming People

People in Uruguay are known as warm and welcoming. They have more relaxed social barriers; the neighbors are considered family members and they love to hug and kiss each other a lot.