Relax in Australia’s Sunniest Cities!

Photo by Brisbane Local Marketing on Unsplash

As winter reaches its coldest peak in the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are dreaming about vacations to a sunny, warm place. Australia is one country in the Southern Hemisphere which is currently in the middle of its summer and enjoying the best weather of the year. If you are considering a trip down under and want to find a sunny spot, take a look at these cities which receive the most sunshine in the entire country.


Located on Australia’s west coast is the city of Perth, a bustling metropolis that receives an average of 147 sunny days and 121 partly cloudy days per year, with the bulk of them coming in the summer. It’s the perfect place to stroll outside, visit the city’s parks, and head to the Indian Ocean beaches!


Located at the northern tip of Australia is a little-known city known as Darwin that averages 3,092 hours of sun per year. Beaches and nearby national parks are some of the big attractions of this area that you’ll be sure to catch rays in.


Brisbane is located on Australia’s Pacific coast and is located just south of the “Sunshine Coast” region of the country. A bustling city with cultural attractions, parks including the site of the 1988 World’s Fair, and of course, beaches, you’ll love the average of 283 days with sunshine in Brisbane.