Krakow’s Strangest “Restaurant” is a Must-Visit

It’s midnight, you have had a few drinks with friends in the old town while visiting Krakow, and you are looking for a bite to eat before you head back to your hotel. While you might be drawn to fast food or another type of eating establishment, if you are in Krakow, Poland and it’s any time past 8 p.m., there is one place that you have to eat at to get an authentic taste of the city: Kiełbaski z Niebieskiej Nyski.

Usually known as “Sausages from the Blue Nysa” to foreigners, this unique piece of Krakow is an institution that you have to stop at. Two men in white coats stand on the side of the street in front of a PRL-era blue Nysa van, cooking and preparing one item and one item only: Polish sausages that are served on plain buns with the option of a little bit of mustard.

Dating back to the 1980s, this stand has been operating as a cheap late-night food source for hungry Cracovians who are looking for a delicious, authentic, and inexpensive treat.

You won’t find anything too fancy here, and your only drink options will be blackcurrant soda and cheap Polish beer, but this spot is a relic of a past and a taste of the city that is authentic as it gets.

So, be sure to check out this unique place the next time you find yourself visiting Krakow.

Grzegórzecka 4, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

8 p.m. to 3 a.m., Monday-Saturday