Top 3 Museums in Mexico City for Fans of Frida Kahlo’s Art

Photo by Bhargava Marripati on Unsplash

Frida Kahlo is one of the most celebrated Mexican painters, and there’s no better place to explore her work and legacy than Mexico City. Her most iconic paintings are scattered around in several museums across her home town, including these three.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Commonly known as the Blue House, the artist’s vibrant former home now serves as the best showcase of her art. The museum consists of ten rooms, which feature everything from her personal effects and everyday items to some of her iconic paintings.

Museo de Arte Moderno

The Two Fridas is often hailed as Kahlo’s best work of art, and you can find it at this museum in Chapultepec Park. You can use your visit to explore the Mexican art scene at large since there are hundreds of works by the country’s most celebrated artists on display.

Dolores Olmedo Museum

Established by the Mexican businesswoman Dolores Olmedo, this museum features one of the most impressive collections of Kahlo’s work in all of Mexico City. You can find 25 of her paintings, sketches, and drawings on the premises, and also explore an extensive collection of paintings by her husband Diego Rivera.