Save Space for Sri Lanka on Your Bucket List

Ella, Sri Lanka
Ella, Sri Lanka Photo by Adam Vandermeer on Unsplash

When mentioning South Asia, most people think of India. Yet right next door is a beautiful country with a rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes. These are some reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. 

The Sigiriya

Sri Lanka is home to no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of which is the Sigiriya. Also known as the “Fortress in the Sky” and “Lion’s Rock”, the fortress has stood since the 5th century when it was built by King Kashyapa who had usurped his father, King Dhatusena, and was afraid the rightful heir would return. Admire the palace ruins, ancient citadel, and some of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world.

Temple of the Tooth

Buddhism is the official religion of Sri Lanka, with 70% of the population following Buddha’s teachings. In Kandy, you can find one of the most sacred Buddhist temples in the world, the Temple of the Tooth, where it is said that the relic of the tooth of Buddha is housed. Although the temple can be visited anytime, the Festival of the Tooth is held between July and August each year. The colorful procession, filled with dancers, fire eaters, and elephants, is not to be missed!


The capital of Sri Lanka lends itself to exquisite buildings influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, and British architecture. These countries also play a part when it comes to the cuisine. Colombo has a lively food scene, so be sure to sample curry and rice, hoppers, and kottu, as well as have a cup of authentic Ceylon tea.