Shiraz is Home to Some of Iran’s Most Vibrant Buildings

Shiraz, Iran. Photo by Shino on Unsplash

Tehran is the first city that comes to mind when someone mentions Iran, but it’s definitely not the only one worth the visit. If you want to explore more amazing places during your visit, make sure to check out Shiraz because it’s home to some of Iran’s most radiant attractions.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is one of the vibrant buildings that put Shiraz on the map, and it’s commonly known by the nickname “Pink Mosque”. If its pink-colored tiles don’t win you over, its stained-glass windows that create colorful reflections will seal the deal.

Qavam House

Just like the Pink Mosque, Qavam House will rock your world with its colorful stained glass windows, but its lush gardens are just as impressive. If you decide to explore its interior, make sure to visit the Narenjestan-e-Qavam museum while inside.

Eram Palace

Speaking of beautiful buildings with breathtaking gardens, it doesn’t get much better than Eram Palace. Filled with cypress, palm trees, and an ornamental pool that serves as its centerpiece, the garden surrounding this palace gained a reputation as one of the best Persian gardens in all of Iran.