Skiing In The Middle East Is The Unique Experience You Never Knew You Needed

We can’t deny that some of the best skiing resorts in the world are in Austria, France and Italy. Just take a look at the facilities and slopes of Saint Moritz or Aspen, and you will understand why winter sports enthusiasts keep coming back there year after year.  

But there are other types of winter oases in other parts of the world that have being overlooked as winter destinations for far too long. In particular, we bet that you would be surprised to learn that you can also ski in Israel, Iran and even in Morocco! 

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Although only a few people would consider going to one of these countries with winter sports in mind, if you do find yourself there, you might as well give their quite well-maintained ski resorts a chance.   

In the Middle East, you will find attractive ski slopes, modern vertical transport, excellent accommodation offers and good prices for it all.

Of course, skiing or not, in the Middle East you will be greeted like a king and fed as one too. So, whether your main reason for going to Morocco is skiing, history or food, you won’t be disappointed at all – you might get even get more than you bargained for!