Spelunking in Grotta di Nettuno is an Aquatic Adventure

Picture yourself crawling through a cave, exploring its recesses to find that it contains a beautiful hidden body of water. This is exactly what you may find when traversing through Grotta di Nettuno, or Neptune’s Grotto in English.

It’s considered one of the biggest marine caves in Italy tucked inside the Mediterranean. Its inner workings contain shiny stalagmites and stalactites that greet you at the entrance with their unique formations. If caves excite you, then this is a site to add to your spelunking list.

Bathe in Blue Waters

The crystal blue waters of the grotto are about 9 meters deep in Lake La Marmora, making it the perfect place to go swimming and exploring.

Ride a Kayak

If swimming isn’t your drift, you can always rent a kayak and float through the waters. This is a great way to view the stones from the inside. Upon entering the cave, you’ll notice precious stones right away for about 1 kilometer, reflecting shimmering stalactite. You can proceed to take a dip in the lake that appears at the end, or even ride the kayak to the sandy beach at the end where you can sit down and relax.

Bring a GoPro

Now is the perfect time to take out your GoPro to capture the diverse aquatic life present under the sea. As much as it’s beautiful on the outside, the deep recesses of the sea also contain colorful pebbles and stones.

Hidden Treasures

The queen of stalagmites, called the “Christmas Tree,” lives on the floor of the lake. If you want to catch a glimpse of it – make sure to bring some snorkeling gear or a handy pair of goggles!