St. Malo: The Most Charming Town in Brittany, France

St. Malo, France
St. Malo, France. Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash

St. Mallo is a walled historic French port city in Brittany. With one of the world’s greatest tidal ranges and fascinating medieval architecture, this town is one of the most special sights in the region. Here are a few spots to explore in Saint Malo.

Walk Along the St Malo Walls

The walls protecting the old part of St. Malo stretches along a walk of about a mile (2 km). Construction began in the 1100s and new military additions were made in the 1600s and 1800s. You can join and leave the route at different points with staircases at each point. It’s recommended to start the walk at the Porte St-vincent, where you’re greeted with a breathtaking view of St. Malo Marina.

Intra Muras District

Inta Muros district is cocooned within the space along the granite walls. In fact, the name itself literally translated to “inside the walls”. The beautiful cobbled streets are lined with markets, shops, bars, and historic homes.

Plage du Sillon

Plage du Sillon is the longest sandy beach in St Malo. When the tides are low, there is a very wide beach area that can be enjoyed, with beautiful architecture on one side and the glistening blue sea on the other.

Château de St. Malo

The Château de St. Malo was built between 1424 and 1690 and is now used as a museum of the city’s history.