Things to Know Before Boarding the Trans-Siberian Train

The Trans Siberian Railway is the perfect example for a trip that is about the journey and not the destination. The 5,772 mile-long journey will take you through the port town of Vladivostok, through pines and spruces of taiga forest, along the shores of the impossibly beautiful lake Baikal, and between the peaks of the Ural Mountains all the way to Moscow. However, there are a few essential things to know before you embark on your journey.

The entire ride takes about 50 hours to complete. That is a very long time, so of course, you’ll want to make some stops along the way. Figure out in advance where you want to stay overnight, and which side trips are unmissable. Some trains only go every other day, others are very slow. Make sure your itinerary aligns with the schedule of the trains.

There is no Wi-fi on the Trans-Siberian train, and since you’re going to spend long hours on it, it’s best to bring books, games, and anything else to entertain yourself on the way. There are power outlets on the train so you have the option to watch movies or TV shows that you’ve previously downloaded.

Lastly, know that this adventure is surprisingly affordable. It’s easy to live cheaply in Russia, but if you do want to splurge, you can find excellent value for money.