These Cities Will Pay You to Move There!

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Did you know that there are cities in the world that are willing to pay you to move there? If you are planning on taking a radical step and moving somewhere abroad, consider moving here.  

Vermont, USA  

It does sound weird that a place filled with natural lakes, forests, rare animals, and other unspeakable natural beauties now pays people to move there, but the state has become the second least populated US state. If you decide to move to Vermont, you will be rewarded around $5,000 in two years.   

Sicily, Italy  

Authorities in the small Sicilian town of Sambuca, which was named the most beautiful city in 2016, decided to save their city by selling real estate for just 1 euro. They hope that giving properties away for virtually nothing will attract an influx of new people to replace the ones who decided to move to the larger towns nearby.   

Santiago, Chile  

If you want to live between the Andes and the Pacific and have an excellent new business idea, Santiago is waiting for you! They offer up to $40,000 to help you start a business and get a tourist visa. They are a couple of different programs you can enroll in, so the choice is yours – don’t be too late.