Sugarlicious: Home of South Africa’s Best Ice Cream Macarons

There are two things we all crave during cold winter months – a little bit of sun and some delicious ice cream. These things are not out of reach in South Africa, especially if you decide to visit Sugarlicious – the home of the most delicious ice cream macarons in this country.

Owners of Sugarlicious pride themselves in being the first establishment of its kind in South Africa and pioneering the concept of ice cream macarons in this country. If you haven’t tried this tasty treat just yet, you should definitely give it a shot, since it combines two delicious sweets into one.

Ice cream macarons put this shop on the map, and they come in several different flavors and with a mouth-watering couverture chocolate dip. If you’re able to resist this perfect combo, there’s still a bunch of items on the Sugarlicious menu you should try, including their frappes and hot drinks.

The first Sugarlicious shop opened in Durban, and they currently have two stores available in this city. If you’re not lucky enough to visit the third most populous city in South Africa during your trip to this country, you can still look for one of their stores while in Johannesburg.