Swedish Summer: The Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Ana Bórquez on Unsplash

Sweden is an absolutely gorgeous country in the northern hemisphere filled with its own rich culture and history, but boy does it get cold. While there are certainly benefits to visiting Sweden in winter, we prefer to plan our trips so that they fall in the middle of the summer. Not only is it warmer, but at some points you can expect to enjoy almost 20 hours of sunlight per day. Whether you prefer to stay in the city or time the countryside is what you’re after, there’s a place in Sweden perfect for you. Here are some of our favorite Swedish places to visit in the summer.


This one may seem obvious, but the Swedish capital is a must-visit any time of year. In the summer, tourists can enjoy attractions such as open-air markets and museums that aren’t open in the winter. It’s also a lot more comfortable to ferry out to the islands off the coast without those harsh winter winds. 


Head south to the region of Österlen in Sweden’s Scania province to take in the country’s quaint beaches and some of the greenest grass you’ll ever see. For entertainment, be sure to check out the area’s many markets and festivals, which are held year-round.


The Swedish county of Dalarna is one of the best locations to enjoy the country’s landscape. Hike the emerald forests, swim in the sapphire lakes, and check out the local villages and cities. We recommend Falun, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to one of the world’s largest copper mines.