Taste What the World Has to Offer with the Food Travelist

Much like dessert, when it comes to travel blogs dedicated to food, we always have room for more. Travel blog and accompanying Instagram page, Food Travelist, aims to connect food travelers with the best culinary experiences in the world. Run by Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris, each brings her own flavor to the table.

Reddel, a seasoned traveler, enjoys exploring the more exotic corners of the earth, having visited countries like Kazakhstan, Dubai, and Vietnam. Her partner, on the other hand, is more in tune with the local dishes and traditions, providing the readers with some behind the scenes knowledge.

“We’re relentless at finding what’s new and noteworthy as well as revisiting the tried and true,” the two share on their website. “Whether a tool that makes life better at home, a product that improves your trip or an experience somewhere that you’ve just got to try, we’re honest about what we like and whether we think you’ll like it too.”

“Our stories share the best of everything from worthwhile splurges to delightful deals,” they add. “We don’t ever want you to waste your time and money on an experience that doesn’t meet your standards or makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. We are here to share everything with you – the good, the bad, and, yes, sometimes even the ugly. We put ourselves out there and tell you what happens.”

If food is important for you when you travel abroad (and, of course, it is), you’d want to follow their guidance.