Curiocity is One of South Africa’s Most Popular Hostel Chains

Are you planning on visiting South Africa on a budget, but still want to stay at a retro, beautifully-designed place? Curiocity Hostels are just the place for you and they can be found in several major South African cities

With three locations in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, Curiocity established itself as one of the leading hostel chains in this country. All three hostels are easily accessible while being located outside of the expected tourist areas, providing you with an opportunity to experience the city like a local.

The main mission of this hostel chain is to “connect the curious traveler to what’s exciting, inspiring, and real in whichever location [they’re] in.” In addition to offering affordable accommodation, Curiocity Hostels also have several curated experiences in-store, in collaboration with local businesses.

Common areas, outdoor spaces, and rooms are all amazingly designed, and you can pick between staying in low-budget dorms or private rooms and family suites. Each off the hostels is unique in its own right and offers several amenities you can’t find at other locations, such as a jacuzzi, pool, library, and bar.

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