This Travel Blogger Has a Passion for European Castles

Travel blogger known online as Wandering Helene describes herself as an American wandering and documenting Europe. Based in Slovenia, her passion for castles and trying new food make up for a unique travel blog and one we’ve never experienced before. According to Helene, while her love of food was rather organic, her appreciation for antique castles was an acquiring taste.

“I was never a girl obsessed with princesses or fairy-tales and during my studies,” she writes in her personal website. “Now I find myself visiting castles, palaces, ruins of palaces anywhere I can.” This love blossomed after visiting a castle in Italy. “I was just so impressed with the sheer impact a castle makes on a landscape or town, and that people built these with their hands is mindblowing to me,” says Helene. “The more I reflect on castles, specifically as a structure, and how they changed meaning, purpose, and importance throughout history they are a valuable tool to understanding some aspects of a culture and place.”

“I used to feel out of place because of my interest in the world around me,” she adds in a Instagram post dedicated to her love of castles. “I always dreamt of wandering Europe, museums, and seeing the old things we read about in books at school. Here I am at 33 and living my childhood dream. The travel community is one of the most amazing things to be a part of and if you are nervous about taking your first flight or trip I highly recommend finding an online community”.

Her goal is to share all of the bits of travel and living in a new culture, as she attempts to navigate the written and unwritten social rule. Desserts are also included. Follow her Instagram page for more: