The 3 Best Scandinavian Cities to Visit

Oslo, Norway. Photo by Arvid Malde on Unsplash

If you’re like many others before you, you’ve decided that Europe’s Scandinavian countries are next on your travel list. This Northern region is magical, to say the least, but where should you start? If you’ve got a limited amount of time to spend traveling,
here are three of the most popular cities to visit in Scandinavia.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm boasts all of the often-heard European tropes, from its Instagram-worthy architecture to its countless art museums. But it’s also incredibly unique in its own right, sitting atop 14 islands with endless beautiful views that’ll make any tourist’s dreams come true.

Oslo, Norway

If you’re looking to explore the most majestic landscapes that Europe has to offer, look no further than Norway. Oslo, its magical capital, is home to countless breathtaking views, which can be seen from the ground or the summit of a massive mountain.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Last but not least is the trending city of Copenhagen. With a thriving music scene and popping bars, this Danish city is a hotspot for all lovers of Europe. Take a brisk boat tour along its many aquatic canals, or better yet let the wind blow through your hair while biking through its cobblestone paths.