3 Cities in Europe That Aren’t Teeming with Tourists

Kakheti, Georgia. Photo by Nika Tabatadze on Unsplash

Europe is an absolutely gorgeous continent with so many different things to see and places to visit. But, for that reason, it’s also one of the most touristy continents, especially if you go to the most popular cities like Paris and Rome. So if you prefer a less crowded holiday, you may want to check out one of these three cities.

Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

A country in Southeast Europe, North Macedonia isn’t very well-known among international tourists, having only gotten its independence in 1991. Locals do love to visit Lake Ohrid, though, because they know about the beauty of its cozy, atmospheric lake and mountain views.

Puglia, Italy

Sure, many, many people like to go to Italy on vacations, but most of those people aren’t visiting Puglia, a city in Italy’s south. But they should, because Puglia’s rocky beaches, rich history, and delicious food make it a great place to go to.

Kakheti, Georgia

Not only are people sleeping on Georgia, but many people don’t even know that it’s a country and not just a U.S. state. But Kakheti has got a lot to offer visitors, with gorgeous mountain scenery, wineries, churches, and castles.