How to Deal With Travel Uncertainty

Photo by Michelle Ziling Ou on Unsplash

Travel is a stressful thing in the best of times. There is so much to plan and arrange and so many moving pieces that can go wrong and potentially ruin your trip and cost you a lot of money. Now add a global pandemic to the equation and things go from stressful to downright anxiety-inducing.

Traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic inevitably involves a large degree of uncertainty. You never know when a changed law or a new virus mutation will make you have to change your plans. So how can you deal with this travel uncertainty?

Actually, learning to let go and accept that you can’t control what happens during your trip won’t just help you now; it’ll be useful for all future travel and even just general life. Because you can’t change external circumstances like having a hotel reservation canceled on you or being stuck in a foreign country not sure when you can go home. But you can control how you react to it.

So use this time to practice accepting what is as it comes and focusing on what you can do, like staying up to date, practicing social distancing, and keeping a positive attitude. It’ll serve you well.