The Best Aquariums in the U.S.

If you’re not looking to get your toes wet diving or snorkeling, aquariums are the next best options for getting in touch with the wonders of the sea. And you’re in luck—almost every major city in the United States has an aquarium. Like most things, some are better than others and these three are the best in the country. You’re going to want to visit them.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

This aquarium is located in the seaside city of Monterey and it’s the best place to see leopard sharks, wolf eels, Pacific octopus, penguins, and sea otters. Highlights are the living kelp forest and the deep-sea reef.

New England Aquarium, Massachusetts

The New England Aquarium, located in Boston sits on the harbor and over one million people visit a year. The aquarium has the largest shark and ray tank on the East Coast as well as the Marine Mammal Center. The waterfront aquarium has sea turtles and African penguins.

National Aquairum, Maryland

Baltimore’s National Aquarium has tours that replicate habitats around the world including the Australian river gorge, the Amazon rainforest, and the Atlantic coral reef. The aquarium has over 800 species and 20,000 animals including jellyfish and dolphins.