Tokyo, Japan’s Greatest Secret is its Nintendo Cafe

Tokyo’s known for its one-of-a-kind themed bars and cafes and the latest addition is perfect for Nintendo fans. The Japanese city just opened 84, a secret cafe dedicated to all things Nintendo. Created by a former Nintendo Co. employee, the cafe has all things Super Mario, Dragon Quest, and Pokemon.

The man behind the cafe is Toru Hashimoto and you’re going to have to put in some work to visit the spot. It’s hidden deep inside the Shibuya district and it can’t be found on a map and there aren’t any signs don’t the door. The cafe was once a members-only diner, but now it’s open to whoever can locate it. The address is only provided to those who make reservations, but they’re told to keep it top-secret to not ruin the experience for others.

There are video game artifacts, art, and memorabilia from the owner’s time working for Nintendo and stuff he’s collected. There are also autographs from video games creators, who tend to frequent the cafe.

The cafe’s for “people who love games, people who like games a lot, people who like games a little, people who don’t like or hate games, people who don’t understand games at all,” as it says on its website.

To make reservations visit the cafe’s website.