The Best Beaches to Visit on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan. Photo by stephan cassara on Unsplash

The weather’s getting colder, but if you like to plan ahead, you might already be thinking about what to do with your vacation once it gets warm out. If you live in the midwest, you’re mostly land-bound…except for Lake Michigan. One of the largest lakes in the country, Lake Michigan nearly qualifies as a sea and has several nice beaches on its coasts. Here are some of the best for you to consider.

Esch Beach: Honor, Michigan

This beautiful lake is a perfect getaway even before the summer months because it provides beautiful wildflowers to look at and wading rather than heavy swimming. That makes it as good of a destination for spring as for summer, and there are several other beaches in the area that you can visit too.

North Avenue Beach: Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking to pair your tourist trip to Chicago with a beach visit, this is a more “commercial” beach to visit which is close to all the attractions and has lots of businesses and infrastructure surrounding it. It’s also got a lifeguard during the day, so swimming is encouraged.

Dune Beach, Leelanau State Park: Northport, Michigan

The beach at the Leelanau State Park is a great addition to its hiking trails, beautiful dunes, and local lighthouse. It’s got beautiful coastal views and plenty of nature to enjoy.