The Best Bookstores for Travelers in London, England

Daunt books, London, England
Photo by Alexandra Kirr on Unsplash

From charming independent shops to world-famous chains, London is full of bookstores that make it the ideal destination for travelers with a penchant for literature. Whether you’re interested in classic literature or modern works are more your speed, you’re sure to find something you’ll love among the city’s countless stacks and shelves. Read on to learn more about some of the best bookstores to check out in London. 


No exploration of London’s book scene would be complete without a visit to Foyles, an iconic chain with seven locations around the United Kingdom. Their flagship store on Charing Cross Road has been a literary mainstay for over 100 years, offering a vast collection of gifts, toys, and books throughout a beautiful and spacious 5-story building. For a light meal or a cup of tea between chapters, be sure to stop by The Café at Foyles on the 5th floor.

Daunt Books

Tucked into the Marylebone neighborhood of London’s West End is Daunt Books, an independent shop specializing in travel and non-fiction. While its curated selection is certainly nothing to overlook, what really sets Daunt apart from other bookstores is its architecture. The building’s Edwardian-style construction features oak galleries that appear to go on for miles, while expansive skylights brighten up the space for easy reading.

Skoob Books

For those who prefer their books pre-loved, Skoob Books in Bloomsbury is a sanctuary of secondhand treasures just waiting to be read. The store carries a wide variety of genres and its knowledgeable staff are all too happy to help shoppers find what they’re looking for amidst a sea of over 50,000 uncatalogued titles.