3 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Finland

Ylläsjärvi, Finland
Ylläsjärvi, Finland. Photo by Lucas Marcomini on Unsplash

If you’re considering a magical winter wonderland destination this December, look no further than Finland! Finland is an excellent and underrated tourist destination for all seasons, but we personally love it as a winter escape! Keep reading for four reasons why you should add Finland to your bucket list and thank us later!

Northern Lights and Home of Santa Clause

Seeing the Northern lights is a magical experience on its own, especially in Lapland, Finland. Lapland is known for its peacefulness and serenity, where it’s dark and quiet all winter long, and people lounge around in saunas. Lapland is the perfect place to camp out and see the Northern lights, and the best time to see them is in the Autumn and Spring. Its also a great place to experience Santa Claus year-round at Rovaniemi, the Arctic Capital of Lapland and the Official Hometown of Santa Claus.


Finland is widely known for its sauna culture and has many world-class saunas to visit throughout the Helsinki Region. This is Finland’s main city, known for its architecture as well as many public saunas that are the local’s second home. Löyly, Helsinki is one of Finland’s most well-known saunas and has three wood-burning saunas, an outdoor pool that overlooks the Balkin sea, and a food court.

Fresh Air

Finland is recognized by UNESCO as having the freshest and cleanest air in the world, making it a great place to recharge and just breathe. The Lakeland region offers breathtaking national parks, water activities, and beautiful lakes.