The Best Chocolate Shops Around Brussels

Brussels chocolate
Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Belgium is known for its incredible chocolate above all else, and the abundance of chocolate shops around Brussels reflects that. So how do you know which are really passionate about high-quality chocolate and which are just trying to get tourism? Here are a few of the best in the city to try.

Pierre Marcolini

Marcolini is extremely serious about his chocolate, so much so that he hand-selects his cocoa beans and roasts them himself. At his shop you can find beautifully wrapped chocolates made from beans from around the world, with a variety of natural tasting notes much like single-sourced coffee.

Frederic Blondeel

This chocolate shop is especially perfect for lovers of the Danish concept of “hygge”, which translates roughly to “cozy” or “warm and friendly”. It’s a lovely spot to sit and drink a hot chocolate, and to try their unique stuffed chocolates or other interesting desserts.

Try Out a Chocolate Making Workshop

If you want a more hands-on experience, skip the shops and go for a chocolate-making workshop. There are plenty offered all over the city. You can make your own chocolate or even truffles and candy, meet new friends, and sample a variety of types of chocolate.