The Best Museums in Laos

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

Laos boasts some of the world’s most beautiful nature. It also has a rich cultural history and there are a great selection of museums. These are the best.

Royal Palace and Museum

The Royal Palace has been transformed into a decadent museum. It boasts a stunning throne room, the golden Pha Bang statue, and the king’s car collection. If you enjoy gawking at fine things, the Royal Palace and Museum is a must.

Lao National Museum, Vientiane

The Lao National Museum is home to a large collection of memorabilia from the country’s recent history. You can also find prehistoric tools, so there is quite a range.

National Institute of Fine Arts

Vientiane’s National Institute of Fine Arts is a Laos essential for art lovers. The gallery is remarkable, and there is even the opportunity to purchase original artwork.

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Artistic Mural of the Arts

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Savannakhet Dinosaur Museum

The best part of every natural history museum is the dinosaurs, and Savannakhet responded to this fact by dedicating an entire museum to the prehistoric animals. The fossil collection is quite impressive.

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre

Laos is a culturally rich country with a vast history of arts and crafts among its ethnic minorities. Luang Prabang’s Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre is the perfect place to learn about Laos’ diverse cultural history.