Brighton Bathing Boxes Are Melbourne’s Most Colorful Spot

Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

Melbourne, Australia is home to many beautiful beaches thanks to its convenient coastline location on the shores of the Port Phillip Bay. Some of the very best beaches can be found in the affluent suburb of Brighton, which also happens to be home to the city’s most Instagrammable spot—Brighton Bathing Boxes.

This colorful attraction is safely tucked away on Dendy Street Beach, and it can be easily accessed by bus or train from downtown Melbourne. You can go there at any time, and you’ll notice Brighton Bathing Boxes right away, thanks to their bright colors, timber framing, and corrugated iron roofs.

This beach is home to 82 distinct bathing boxes, built over a century ago as a response to Victorian ideas of morality and seaside bathing. Some of them were allocated on several occasions, others have been removed, but dozens of them still remain in their original shape on the shores of Dendy Street Beach.

Brighton Bathing Boxes may share the same shape and construction, but their owners still managed to make them unique. Each box is the reflection of its owner’s creativity, and many of them are decorated with amazing, colorful artwork that makes them even more picture-perfect.