The Best Places to Travel in the U.S. to Get Over a Breakup

Times Square, New York
Times Square, New York. Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

There comes a time in nearly every person’s life when they must mourn and move on from an important relationship. Sometimes, getting over someone means starting fresh—or at least getting away from your normal life for a little while. Travel is a great way to clean your palette and return with a clean slate. Here are three of the best spots for that purpose.

New York City

Sometimes what you need when recovering from heartbreak is to just be anonymous for a while. New York, or really any big city, makes it easy to find places where no one will know who you are. You can have privacy and work through your feelings without ever actually being alone—and maybe you’ll make some new friends!

Yellowstone National Park

If you swing the other direction and want total solitude and silence to empty your mind of past feelings, a national park or other camping destination is a great choice. The beautiful views and natural wonder can help put your problems in perspective and remind you there’s still so much beauty in the world.

Northampton, MA

The last option is a happy medium between a bustling city and quiet nature—a small town where you can get to know people, walk and bike everywhere and there’s still lots of open space to be found. Northampton is a great spot because it has a young population and lots to do around town while still being small and familiar.