The Cleanest Cities Around the World

Cleanest cities
Singapore. Photo by Coleen Rivas on Unsplash

There are some cities that a lot of travelers find themselves disappointed by because they arrive and notice the city is exceptionally dirty. In fact, some cities are notorious for it. So if you want to avoid that kind of experience, here are the cleanest cities to visit around the world.

Calgary, Canada

Despite having over a million and a half residents, Calgary is the cleanest city on the planet, with the government committed to water cleanliness, sewage systems, waste removal, recycling, and air quality. That’s what allows it to be the pristine urban paradise that it is, and you can feel good about using all of its infrastructure powered by renewable energy sources.


Singapore is Asia’s cleanest city. It’s pretty well-known for having some strict cleanliness guidelines that are actually enforced, like not allowing chewing gum. It’s also made green building practices mandatory since 2008, so it’s full of lots of green roofs and vertical gardens.

Zurich, Switzerland

Known as a mountainous skiing city, you probably imagine the air of Zurich being crisp and clean and we’re happy to report that that image is true. With highly effective waste management systems and a strong focus on recycling and reducing energy consumption, Zurich really is full of fresh air.