The Famous Spanish Cuisine is Definitely Worth The Trip

Image by Pexels

Spain, the country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula is a famous travel destination for young people as well as for families. Spain is both, a stereotype come to life and a place more diverse than you would ever imagine. Spanish people are passionated and devoted to living the good life, which brings lots of fun and a good atmosphere in Spain.

Spain is also known for its famous Spanish cuisine, including Paella, Empanadas and Tapas dishes. Let’s concentrate on the last one, Tapas. Tapas are extremely popular in Spain and in certain bars it has already evolved into an entire, sophisticated cuisine.

But What Are They?
Tapas is an appetiser or a snack, popular in the Spanish cuisine. It can be served cold, such as olives and cheese or hot, such as patatas bravas. Tapas are nowadays not only snacks but can also be combined to make a full meal. Small in size, but large in flavours, Tapas offers eaters the chance to explore many different dishes without feeling stuffed.

There is a huge variety of sweet, savoury and spicy tapas in Spain.
Have a look at which tapas you should certainly not miss:

1. Patatas Bravas – potatoes cut and fried in oil with either spicy tomato-based sauce or aioli.

2. Croquetas – fried balls of meat, fish or vegetables. Most popular with ham or cod.

3. Gambas Al Ajillo – fresh prawns cooked in olive oil with garlic and chili peppers.

4. Montaditos – small sandwiches, often toasted and served with a variety of meat, fish or vegetarian fillings.

5. Gazpacho – cold soup of vegetables like peppers, onion, garlic and cucumbers.

6. Tortilla de Patatas – an omelette made of potatoes with eggs and flavoured with onions.

7. Calamares a la Romana – battered and fried squid rings.

8. Gambas a la Plancha – whole, unpeeled shrimps, salted and cooked on a grill.

9. Gildas – an assembly of anchovy, olives and chili peppers.

10. Pimientos de Padron – small peppers fried in oil and salted, are often spicy.