The Five Highest Rooftop Bars in the World

View from "Ozone," Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Image via julia.kosulko/Instagram

There is something very impressive about having a drink with a view, and then very high on a rooftop. Here is a list of the five highest bars worldwide that will certainly make you change your plans for your next holiday.

Ozone at the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

At an altitude of 480 meters perched, Ozone is the world’s highest bar and rooftop bar. It is on the 118th floor of the luxurious hotel, Ritz Carlton, and offers you a perfect rooftop experience. The bar has great food and service, as well as some fantastic parties hosted during the evenings. Make sure to ‘dress to impress’.

Flair at the Ritz Carlton, Shanghai

This treasure in the crowd of Shanghai can be found on the 58th floor of the Ritz Carlton. It is a rooftop deck and has a breathtaking and overwhelming view of the Chinese city. The bar Flair is also known for its incredible restaurant and culinary choices and is totally worth at least one night of your trip in Shanghai.

1-Altitude Gallery and Bar, Singapore

282 meters above the ground, the 1-Altitude Gallery and Bar offers you Singapore’s finest cuisine. Parties are organized during the evenings and if you are planning on attending one, make sure to reserve on time, especially during the weekends.

The Skylark, NYC

The rooftop restaurant, Skylark, is 30 floors above the city and introduces you a picturesque view of the skyline and New York’s city lights. The bar has separate spaces, one terrace that allows you to take a picture without a big crowd in the back, a bar area to enjoy your drink and another room with a pool table to enjoy a game with your friends.

Vertigo, Bangkok

Vertigo offers an unforgettable dining experience on the 61st floor, overlooking the beautiful cityscape of Bangkok. It is a wonderful grill-and-bar experience with the possibility to order premium drinks such as Vertigo’s famous drink with pineapple, cranberry and lime juice.