Cat Travel: Flying with cats

Image by itslilothecat/Instagram

Kittens are our best friends and there is no worse feeling than being separated from your furry friend just because you have to fly. Like true companions, you can and your pal can fly together.

However, there is a range of things to do and consider before taking off with your cat. Let’s take a look at what it really means flying with a cat and what should you pay attention to.


Before doing anything, you need to take your buddy to the vet for a checkup and get a health certificate. As a measure against disease outbreaks, other countries won’t let pets enter their country without a certificate such as that one.

You will be carrying your cat in a carrier, as a part of your carry-on luggage. Of course, this will cost some more money, so be prepared for extra expenses.


Your cat will go through lots of stress. It’s not every day that it is forced to stay in a box for multiple hours.

In order to prevent the poor fella from having panic attacks and getting stressed out, start carrier training a few weeks in advance. This will prepare your cat for all the necessary challenges it will face.