The Hidden Treasures Of Denmark

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

When you look at a map of Europe, Denmark is probably not the first country you notice. In an effort to change that, we want to present to you several sites in this Scandinavian country that will prove to everyone that this is a place to be admired and visited as often as possible! Let’s take a look at some of Denmark’s hidden gems!


The Cisternerne is the only dripstone cave in Denmark, forming stalactites and stalagmites of incredible size! This used to be the main water reservoir for the capital, but when it ran dry, it needed a new face. It’s located beneath a hill in Copenhagen, and recently it has also been converted into a modern art gallery, giving it a unique vibe! 


Verdenskortet is a giant version of the map of the world – and you can walk on it! You want to be in Denmark, but get that African or Asian feel? You can – just pick your spot and you’re there! 

Mons Klint 

Mons Klint is a unique beach in Denmark, located in the south of the country. It came into existence when the glaciers melted away, leaving a chalky white beach behind it. As if that was not enough, note that this rocky beach is approached through a thick forest, which adds to the charm!