The Hippest Neighborhood to Stay in Rome

Trastevere, Rome
Trastevere, Rome. Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Rome, especially if you’re looking at Airbnbs or Hostels, you may have come across the Trastevere neighborhood. Trastevere is the perfect spot to stay as a tourist in Rome. It’s a coming together of old and new, affordable and high-class, beauty and entertainment all in one. Plus, it’s close to most of the big attractions while still being affordable.

Trastevere has existed as far back as ancient times, and aesthetically fits what you’d probably hope to see in a Roman neighborhood. Its walls and streets are old brick, colorful mason and cobblestone, covered with ivy and absolutely picturesque. There are not many cars around because of the narrow streets and alleyways, so you can feel like you’re a part of history.

At the same time, Trastevere has become something of a “young” bohemian neighborhood of late. It’s got a vibrant nightlife, with tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars always full of young people. There’s a flea market once a week and plenty of sights to see. Since it’s still an up-and-coming neighborhood and not smack in the middle of the biggest tourist sites, it’s still a pretty affordable area.

Finally, there are plenty of sites to see within Trastevere itself. These include the Piazza and Basilica Santa Maria, the oldest Marian church in Rome, the Villa Farnesina, a mansion from the 1500s with famous artworks on display and surrounding gardens, and the Basilica of Saint Cecilia, another ancient church, where frescos dating back to the 13th century are on display.