The Luís I Bridge in Portugal is One of the Most Beautiful Bridges

Photo by Pedro Costa on Unsplash

The Luís I Bridge in Portugal is made out of iron, granite and other strong materials that carry it for a span of 172 meters. It’s located in the urban area of Porto, which overlooks the stunning view of the river Douro.

The unique thing about this bridge is that it has two tiers, one for cars and the other for pedestrians.

Funny Story

The Luis I Bridge’s name was coined after a king who unfortunately never made it to the inauguration. The bridge was named to honor King Luis I, but he wasn’t a very responsible king and barely showed up for meetings that required his presence. He missed a beautiful sight.

Watch the Sunset

The sunset from the bridge is impeccable, with the city’s roofs glowing from the remnants of the day. The city looks so beautiful with the boats lined up, and this makes for a perfect walk during sunset with a loved one.