These Are The Biggest Pride Parades in the World

Image by naeim a from Pixabay

Looking to head somewhere new during Pride month? These are the biggest and boldest Pride festivals in the world.

New York City

Unsurprisingly, the NYC Pride parade is attended by more than two million people. The festival is held across all five boroughs and every aspect of LGBTQ+ culture is celebrated.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paolo hosts traditional Pride parades with a unique Brazilian flavor. On average, three million people attend the festival each year and the event is a real calendar highlight.


Amsterdam is known for its liberal attitudes and love of partying. It’s no wonder that Pride is one of the city’s largest annual festivals.

San Francisco

San Francisco has always been ahead of the game when it comes to tolerance and liberal attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv hosts an edgier, cooler Pride. Cutting edge DJs and crowds of partygoers show up to Hilton Beach to celebrate what makes us unique.