The Luxury Moon Palace Resort In Cancun, Mexico

Photo: diegolunapalace/Instagram

If you fancy getting major holiday envy, check out the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. It is an all-inclusive five star resort located on the beachfront.

The resort boasts multiple pools and most feature a bar. As it is all-inclusive, this means you can swim up to the bar and get a pina colada without actually having to leave the pool. Of course, when you do leave the pool, you’ll want to lie down on a sunbed and soak up the fiery Mexican sunshine.

The resort also boasts a ton of restaurants, all of which are included. There are sushi bars and cafes all over the resort, and if you fancy a special night with a Michelin star chef, you can reserve a spot at the hotel’s fanciest restaurant.

At night, there is plenty of entertainment. From outdoor karaoke, parties on the beach and an actual night club, guests are spoiled for choice. The resort is huge, so you’ll need to jump on board a complimentary buggy to get around — and it is always tempting to grab another cocktail on the way.

Still not convinced? Here are some enviable pics guests have taken at the resort.