The Marvelous Arctic Henge Offers Unique Opportunities!

Hidden in the desolated north of Iceland lies a small hidden gem that slowly becomes one of its greatest attractions.

This beautiful country is already known as one of the most popular photography destinations, and the Arctic Henge offers great opportunities to snap that once-in-a-lifetime photo!

The Arctic Henge is a massive set of stone structures that are located on a hill near the village of Raufarhofn in Iceland’s far north.

The building of this impressive project began back in 2004, and while still not completely finished, the attraction is definitely breathtaking. Its unique location makes it the perfect setting for photography, especially since you can experience the famous “Midnight Sun” there. From the site, you get a full 360-degree view of the hill, and you can enjoy the sun shining through the massive stone gates.

The project was an idea of a local hotel owner, and it was designed by the famous artist Haukur Halldorsson. The original inspiration for the monument was the rich Norse mythology.

Finally, the village of Raufarhofn is packed with great places to stay at, and since it used to be one of the largest harbors in Iceland, it is definitely an attractive place to see.