Four Restaurants In London You Should Consider Booking For Valentine’s Day

Photo: kristina_ch/Instagram

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days in February, and everyone wants to give their significant other a day to remember! Nothing beats the classic – a lovely romantic dinner in a great restaurant. In this list, we selected a few suggestions for those who will find themselves in London for Valentine’s Day.

Park Chinois  

Dimmed lighting, a lot of velvet, and a mesmerizing retro ambient reminding of old China,  this restaurant is easily one of the most romantic in London, and it serves one of the best dishes in town!

Clos Maggiore 

With a stunning Victorian interior and a ceiling of blossoming flowers, this eye-catching restaurant is a great choice for Valentine’s Day. The food is heavenly and the setting is pure romance – but have in mind that this is one of the hardest restaurants to book in London!

Aqua Shard  

This might be the best choice if your significant other is a fan of breathtaking views. With its huge, floor-to-ceiling windows, this stunning restaurant will give you a jaw-dropping 360 degrees view of the city.

Baptist Grill at L’oscar  

This beautiful restaurant offers a traditional British luxurious setting and a wide array of classic British dishes. The great service here will make you feel really special, and you will definitely love the desserts!