The Most Affordable Destinations in Europe

Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal. Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Between flights, accommodations, excursions, and more, traveling ain’t cheap at the best of times, though some destinations are more expensive than others. As much as we enjoy places like London and Paris, the popularity of these cities means they come at a much greater cost than other locations throughout the rest of Europe. If you’re looking to plan a European getaway on a limited budget, read on to learn more about some more affordable destinations worth visiting.

Porto, Portugal

Often overshadowed by its capital Lisbon, Porto is a Portuguese hidden gem situated on the Iberian Peninsula. Visitors can easily explore the city almost entirely on foot, stopping at its many churches and museums as they stroll through the cobblestone streets. Prices in Porto are quite affordable in general, but those looking for even greater savings can sign up for the Porto.CARD for discounts on transport and attractions.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a shining example of a city that offers tourists the opportunity to explore Europe at an affordable price point. Sites such as the Danube River, thermal baths, and Buda Castle all make it a great destination for travelers interested in experiencing authentic Hungarian culture without breaking the bank. Accommodations, food, and public transport are also markedly lower than other European cities. 

Sofia, Bulgaria

For nature enthusiasts and city-dwellers alike, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria. The city’s position at the foot of Vitosha Mountain provides a perfect balance of opportunities for urban exploration and outdoor adventure, while low-cost attractions, inexpensive street food, and cheap public transportation keep things easy on your wallet. Admission to many of its iconic churches is free of charge.