The Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal

Its unique location in the west of Europe granted Portugal some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. If you are looking for a place to spend your next summer vacation, you should definitely check these beaches out as an option.

Praia de Marinha

This is perhaps Portugal’s most iconic beach. Surrounded by golden cliffs that separate it from the road, you will find easy access to its soft sand and clear water. If you like diving, you can also try out finding one of the numerous underwater caves.

Praia Dona Ana

Not far from the city of Lagos—which is full of hotels and great restaurants—this beach is heaven for photographers. The surrounding cliffs give you shelter from the sun and create a wide array of colors. Try to avoid it during high season, when it is packed with tourists.

Paria de Benagil

This place is a unique spot and known for its sea-caves. The beach itself is lovely, and you can take a boat ride to see the famous caves or just rest on the white sand.

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