A Romantic Vacation In A Hotel Or B&B?

We saved money for a vacation and finally got to plan the romantic-dream vacation we have been waiting for all year. At this point, we are faced with the most important question of all—stay at a B&B or a hotel?

Staying in a B&B is very different from a hotel. First of all, a B&B will in many cases be more private, small, and intimate. In terms of atmosphere, in a B&B you can be in relative isolation—compared to a hotel.

At the hotel, on the other hand, you can enjoy unique services offered by the hotel—such as room service, breakfast buffet, gym, or spa. In the hotel experience, you can stay right in the middle of the city you are visiting and enjoy high accessibility to attractions, which can be more difficult in a more secluded B&B.

In terms of prices, in many cases, a luxurious B&B will cost more than a hotel at the same level. This is due in part to the fact hotels simply have more rooms. At the hotel, you are also more likely to find vacation “deals” or promotions, which will not be in the case of a B&B vacation.