The Most Underrated City to Visit in Spain

Malaga, Spain
Malaga, Spain. Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

If you’re traveling through Europe and have Spain on your destination list, get ready for the time of your life. Spain truly is a wonderful country and you’ll be wowed by its culture in more ways than one. If you’re not sure where you should go in Spain, know that it’s hard to go wrong in this scenario. But if you’re looking for some guidance, there is one city that we feel is underrated, and that you should definitely check out if you have the time—the wonderful city of Malaga!

Behind the Scenes

Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid generally get all of the attention, and for good reason. But with all of the hype, many other cities in Spain get forgotten about—and Malaga is one of them. Located in the South of Spain with excellent weather year-round, it’s a beautiful city for all to enjoy. Here’s a little secret: choosing Malaga as your main destination in Spain doesn’t mean you didn’t get the authentic “Spanish experience.” This city will more than deliver on all accounts.

Versatile and Exciting

From the cobblestone walkways to the European infrastructure to the exotic restaurants serving tasty paella, Malaga is a true representation of Spain. If you’re looking for a great hiking experience, there are plenty of epic options in the vicinity, including the grand El Caminito del Rey. And if you’re looking for some beach fun, Malaga is right near the coast!