The Six must-visit Islands in the Philippines

Image by Pexels

Situated in the Western Pacific ocean, Philippines consists of about 7641 islands that makes it obviously impossible to visit them all. Out of the 7641 islands, 2000 are inhabited.

The islands of Philippines are clustered into three main geographical divisions, from north to south; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon and Mindanao are both named after the largest islands, while the Visayas is an archipelago.

Making it impossible to visit them all, here are the six best islands to visit when traveling to Philippines. Of course you could come back a few times and visit some others, but make sure to start with these beautiful six.

  1. Boracay
    Boracay is definitely the party island of Philippines, thank to its popular ‘White Beach’, surrounded by many hotels, restaurants and plenty of water sports activities.
  2. North Luzon
    Philippines’ biggest island, is mainly visited for the stunning Banaue Rice Terraces. It has lots of misty mountains, where you will find pine trees rather than palm trees.
  3. Bohol
    Bohol makes it to the top six with its most popular tourist activity; the Chocolate Hills. You could also visit there the smallest monkeys, tarsier.
  4. Palawan
    Palawan is considered as the most beautiful island in the world and with reason. With its beautiful transparent-emerald water, jungles, mountains and magnificent landscapes, Palawan is certainly worth the visit.

  5. Siquijor
    Being a real local island, Siquijor is slowly turning into a popular touristic destination with its waterfalls, caves, trek in the hills and forests, and great diving spots.
  6. Mindoro
    If you love to dive, Mindoro is definitely the place to be. With its marine creatures like sharks, rays and sea turtles, your diving experience will be a lot more special.